After some small delay, I have received my research packet from Pontiac Historic Services.  PHS initially sent me information on the wrong Firebird, they transposed the "8" in the VIN as a "3" and so I wound up with a Trans Am that was produced exactly 5000 units in front of mine.  Imagine my surprise when I read the printout and saw that my car was a non-WS6 car without T-tops, with a LG4, automatic, and no Recaro.  After I looked a second time and compared VINs, I was relieved to see that the information that I held in my hand did not match my VIN.  It wasn't that my TA had been hacked together from what it once was, the fact of the matter was that PHS had sent me information on the wrong TA.

I wrote a snail-mail letter to PHS (since it's almost impossible to call them and they don't have email) and explained the situation.  Unfortunately, not only was the info packet wrong but the wrong reproduction window price sheets had also been already shipped.  PHS sent me the correct info at no extra charge and here is what I received for $85 (USD).  Mind you, all of this information is lower-end photocopy grade, nothing new or original so the quality is quite poor in some instances and some graphics (such as the GM logo) merely appear as black square blocks on some sheets.

Overall, short of the color copy gripe, I have no problems with the content and the package was money well spent.  The work order is very hard to read as it is a poor copy.  I intend to take my updated build sheet which I included in the PMD dealers manual and redo it for my car based on the cleaned up form and the information that PHS sent me (the copy of my actual build sheet).  Hopefully I'll have that to share with you soon.

I also received two laminated copies of the original vehicle window sticker