"We know all about our depleting fossil fuels and the essential changeability of life,
but when these cars are gone, we'll miss them."

-Kevin Smith, Motor Trend, July 1984



1986 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Factory Specifications


Type: Liquid cooled, C-P-C-built 90-degree V8.
Engine block Cast iron
Cylinder heads Cast iron
Intake manifold Aluminum
Intake runners Aluminum
Displacement: 305cid (5.0 liter, 5001cc)
Bore and Stroke: 3.74 x 3.48 inch
RPO Engine Designation LB9

VIN / Engine Code:


Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Valvetrain In-head valve, pushrod, hydraulic lifters, fast burn combustion chambers
Firing Order: 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2
Recommended fuel: 87 octane, unleaded fuel only
Maximum recommended engine speed: 5700 rpm
Emissions Controls 3-way catalytic converter, feedback fuel-air-ratio control, EGR, auxiliary air pump
Exhaust System Cast iron 4 into 1 style exhaust manifold with single pipe from each cylinder bank, Y-pipe leading to single catalytic converter, single pipe leading to single muffler with rear exhaust exits
Total dressed engine weight: 656.7 lbs


Bosch designed, normally aspirated, multi-port fuel injection, electronic spark control, aluminum tuned-runners, aluminum intake manifold and aluminum intake box plenum.  48mm aluminum throttle body, flow rate of 700 CFM.  Bosch Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor, approximately 520 CFM flow rate.
Intake Air Flow Control Sealed air box with disposable paper filter element, approximately 500 CFM flow rate.
Fuel Injectors: Eight plus one (one injector per cylinder plus one cold start injector mounted in aluminum fuel rail assembly)
Injector Flow Rate: 19 pounds per hour
Fuel Line Pressure 43.5 PSI
Camshaft: Hydraulic
Lift  Intake / Exhaust .350 / .385 
Duration Intake / Exhaust 178  /  194
Lobe Separation
Intake / Exhasut
109.0 (106/-112)
Lifters Hydraulic


205 bhp @ 4400rpm (factory and PMD media rating)


270 ft-lbs @ 3200rpm

Thermostat Temp:

195.F (91.C)

Cooling System:

16.9 quarts

Oiling System:

5.0 quarts

Fuel System:

Electric fuel pump, tank mounted, in-line fuel filter, canister type.  Constant pressure with fuel return line system.
Fuel Capacity: 15.9 gallons
Accessory Belt Drive: Multiple V-belt


ECM Model 1227165
ECM Family P4 series
Pipeline Data Burst Rate to ALDL 8192 baud
Data Storage Format Removable EPROM (Programmable Read Only Memory) chip - 128K




Rear wheel drive sport coupe, two door + hatchback
Type: Unit body construction, twin subframe
Body Material Welded steel stampings


F-body series


101.0 inches
Track, F/R 60.7 / 61.6 inches


191.6 inches


72.4 inches


49.7 inches
Frontal Area 19.3 sq ft
Ground Clearance 4.5 inches


3408 lbs
Trunk 10.3 / 31.0 cubic feet with rear seat up / down.
Weight Distribution F/ R: 57 / 43 percent


SAE volume, front seat 53 cubic feet
SAE volume, rear seat 32 cubic feet
SAE volume, trunk space 12 cubic feet
Headroom, F / R 37.0 / 34.6 inches
Legroom, F / R 43.0 / 28.8 inches
Shoulder room, F/ R 57.7 / 56.3 inches
Hip room, F / R 56.3 / 42.8 inches
Cargo index volume w/ rear seat up (liters/cu ft.) 292 / 10.3
Cargo index volume w/ rear seat down (liters/cu ft.) 879 / 31.0


Type: WS6 Performance Package optioned
Steering: Power assisted, recirculating ball, quick ratio, 14:1
Turns lock-to-lock 2.4
Turning circle curb-to-curb 39.0 feet


Fully independent with modified McPherson strut, coil springs with lower A-arm, low-friction ball-bearing upper strut mount.


Live axle with coil springs, gas charged shocks, longitudinal lower control arms, torque arm and transverse track bar.


Disc, power assisted, vented, 10.5"


Disc, power assisted, vented, 10.5"
Power Assist Vacuum
Wheels: 16" x 8.0" cast aluminum alloy, "Deep Dish" Hi-Tech Turbo
Tire Type and Brand: Goodyear Eagle "Gatorback" VR50, steel-belted black walls
Size: P245/50VR16
Front Swaybar: 36mm diameter
Rear Swaybar: 24mm diameter


Type: TurboHydramatic 700R4 4 speed automatic overdrive
Fluid Capacity 9.9 pints

Transmission Gear Ratios

1st 3.06:1
2nd 1.63:1
3rd 1.00:1
4th 0.70:1 (overdrive)



"It snakes around bends and cruises through traffic with restrained malevolence."

-Kevin Smith, Motor Trend, July 1984



Rear End

Differential: (Australian built) 9 bolt Borg Warner heavy duty with limited slip
Ring Gear size: 7.75 inch
Ring and Pinion Ratio: 3.27:1



"... the ultra-strong Australian 7 3/4 rearend.  The word is that the rearend is stronger than a Dana 44."

-Jeff Smith, "Test Flight", Car Craft, 1985




Tested with optional LB9 5.0 liter TPI engine, 700R4 transmission, 3.27 rear gear ratio and WS6 special performance suspension and handling package*


Standing Start Quarter Mile 16.23 seconds @ 87mph
0-60 MPH 8.2 seconds
Top Speed 138.9 mph**
Skidpad .87g
Braking, 60mph to 0mph 147 feet
Coefficient of Drag (Cd) .303

*Courtesy of HOT ROD magazine, "Different Strokes" article, August 1986 issue
** Depending on which magazine tested these cars (and what conditions were present), top speed varied from 135mph to 140 plus mph.


"The four-wheel disc brake-refined F-body platform equipped with the optional WS6 performance suspension package (16-inch wheels, unidirectional tires, gas shocks, and heavier bars) yields a well-mannered road car that doesn't really know it's not a race car.  The Trans Am's steering remains virtually neutral right up to the limit of its .87 grip on the road.  It turns in either direction with equal competence and accomplishes the transition without even the slightest hint of distress.  It's more forgiving of driving errors and, in terms of driving ability, the average hot rodder will probably feel even more comfortable in the Trans Am than he would in a Corvette."

-John Baechtel, "Different Strokes", Hot Rod, July 1986