Dealer Media and Information



1985 Pontiac Trans Am advertisement - the infamous "Saturday Night Special" ad featuring a hot black and gold TA.



1985 Pontiac Trans Am advertisement - Canada - "Feel the Rush" ad featuring yet another black and gold TA.

Pontiac Firebird Fashion - Ah.  Macho at its finest.  Remember, the next time you have important guests over be sure to serve them chilled wine in your finest Firebird crystal.  The sad fact is that I'm sure that someone, somewhere, out there, actually bought this stuff at one time.


Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Advertisements for 1986 - Pontiac produced only two advertisements for the 1986 Trans Am, both featured red WS6 optioned hard top TAs.



Visual image of the LB9 5.0 liter (305cid) High Output Tuned Port Injection
fed V8 along with technical specifications - 1986 dealer brochure


Visual image of the UT4 Delco GM AM / FM Stereo cassette player- 1986 dealer brochure



Visual image of the acoustics of the 1986 Firebird- all models- 1986 dealer brochure


Listing of major options for the 1986 Firebird- dealer brochure