- model article added 10-07-02 -


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Three different sizes of Endo battle-rifle displayed, from top to bottom

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TOY ISLAND electronic sound battle-rifle (1/12 scale)- before detailing and painting.  Yes, it makes a 'laser' sound when a button is pressed (the sound is more like a machinegun with diarrhea).  This particular example is waiting for a coat of flat dark gray and some detail work.  The size of this rifle and the scale, if you can still find it, might work fine with the old Horizon vinyl model of the T800 Endoskeleton.  The TOY ISLAND T800 toy figure seems to be a direct copy (in hard plastic vs. vinyl) of the Horizon kit with one very big difference; it includes a battle rifle.  Oh, and it makes some sounds and its eyes light up because it already has illuminated optics in the skull.

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TSUKUDA 1/9th scale two piece Endo battle-rifle (from the 1/9th Endoskeleton plastic model kit)

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MCFARLANE TOYS 1/12th scale Endo battle-rifle
(from the Movie Maniacs Series V collection T800 Endoskeleton action figure)