Modeling Project


The 1/12th scale Endo Battle-Rifle that is included in the McFarlane Toys T800 Endoskeleton action figure is way too small, by 50% or better size difference, than what the real battle-rifle is supposed to be sized for.  While this is initially some cause for aggravation, I have found a better use for the dinky weapon that comes with the McFarlane issue of the very adaptable Endoskeleton action figure.

Here is a step by step outline of how to take the useless plasma rifle that is included with the toy figure and turn it into something a lot more useful and a lot better looking, namely a Westinghouse M20-A heavy plasma pistol.  This should work with other Endo rifles, namely the rifle found in the Tskuda Endoskeleton model kits, the Toy Island 18" tall Endoskeleton and the NECA 18" Endoskeleton figure as well though the plastic used to produce those weapons may require much more effort to rework.


STEP ONE- Carefully scribe the initial cuts on the weapon using a sharp hobby knife or similar tool.  Make initial incisions light, then start to apply pressure as you draw the blade over your cuts, deepening them each time.  Do complete traces of the lines shown below.  Scribe deep the initial cuts to the weapon, repeat for each side of the weapon.  Scribe the cut between the pistol grip and the magazine assembly but do not cut all the way through to the top line yet, leave the pistol grip and magazine assembly attached together for now.

wpeD.jpg (12977 bytes)



STEP TWO- Carefully remove the piece outlined above from the weapon.  Take your time, patience is worth more at this point of the project than at any other time.  The material that the weapon is molded from is very easy to make a mistake in and if your hobby knife jumps out of the track you are scribing, you may slice your fingers and gouge a deep cut in the weapon.  This accidental cut will either ruin the weapon completely or require you to take extra time and repair it as best as you can.

Carefully remove the pistol grip and magazine assembly from the upper half of the weapon.  You should now have two pieces, as illustrated in the picture below.

wpeE.jpg (8579 bytes)



STEP THREE- Carefully separate the pistol grip from the magazine assembly.  Use the scribe mark you made earlier to facilitate this cut.  Cut carefully by slowly applying pressure and letting the edge of the knife work its way through the soft material.

wpe10.jpg (10960 bytes)



STEP FOUR-  Carefully sand smooth all layers that were cut into.  The type of plastic that this weapon is molded from is a very soft plastic, very dark.  It will be easy to see where you have sanded and where you still need to sand as the sanded part will have a very light texture to it and the unsanded material will look almost wet.  Once all the parts are sanded smooth, trial fit them into place to make sure that no further sanding is required.  If they do not fit, lightly sand again until the parts fit smoothly and evenly.  I have outlined the surfaces below (green lines) which will need to be sanded / prepared for the final assembly step.

wpe18.jpg (11507 bytes)

STEP 4 - Sand where the green lines indicate for a smooth fit

   wpe11.jpg (10586 bytes)

STEP 4- all pieces prepared and ready for final assembly


STEP FIVE- Use a cyanoacrylate (or similar) modeling adhesive to attach the magazine at the new position forward of the trigger guard.  Next attach the pistol grip behind the magazine assembly.  You might want to use a clothes pin, parts clip or similar type of clamp to keep the parts in place and correctly aligned while they dry (since there is the chance that you could very well glue your fingers to the weapon during this phase of the project).  Paint finished weapon in color desired (dark flat gray is suggested).

wpe12.jpg (10129 bytes)

STEP 5- The completed and ready to be painted
M20-A heavy plasma pistol

The Todd McFarlane Toys(tm) T800 Endoskeleton is now ready to be displayed with the new Westinghouse M20-A heavy plasma pistol which looks much better in size comparison than the undersized Endo rifle that the toy comes with.