Looking back on the various covers of the many editions of these classic games.

OGRE was first published in 1977 by Metagaming and was the first of their new "Microgame" series which basically meant that for a few dollars you could buy a complete strategy game that included a plastic bag, all the counters you would need, a map, a simple 30 page or less rule book and all in a size small enough to slip into your back pocket or backpack.  It was a novel concept and one I still remember and admire fondly to this day.  I was 8 years old when OGRE first appeared on the display at my local hobby shop and I think I've owned just about "everything" that is OGRE or OGRE related in the years that followed.  At this time, I'd like to show you the various cover art for the different editions of this game and its primary supplement GEV.  I still have these editions and cherish them, however, the first editions came with simplistic maps drawn in a limited color palette and while you can use the counters from the earlier editions with the later editions of the game, once you go to the full color maps ... it's hard to go back to the early edition maps.

A very special thanks to my big old plastic tub-o-Microgames and all the old rulebooks for supplying me with the artists names.

winchcovr.gif (23552 bytes)

Metagaming release, 1st Edition

Artist - Winchell Chung



Metagaming release, 2nd Edition

Artist - Brian Wilson

(Note - AP battery being used to destroy a Hvy Tank?!)


Steve Jackson Games release,
black plastic boxed set

Artist - Clark Bradley


Metagaming release, GEV 1st Edition

Artist - Winchell Chung

Metagaming release, GEV boxed set

Artist - Brian Wilson


Steve Jackson Games release,
GEV black plastic box set

Artists - David R. Deitrick
Dave Martin


Steve Jackson Games release,
OGRE / GEV, black plastic box set

Artist - Philip Reed


Steve Jackson Games release,
Battlesuit, black plastic box set

Artist - Dave Martin