Hi Chris,

Well, If started on the diorama, actualy, I've started on the ship first.

It's on the ruff right now, and I'm taking pics on the progress.

Anyways, here are two pics, of the design. One is of the changes I did to JAN RUK's Icarus. I personally like his design, but with just a couple of changes to it. The second photo, is what I'm shooting for as a diomara.

To plan out what I want to do for a diorama, I took Jan Ruk's Icarus design to PhotoShop. I re-worked his design by adding wings, rudders and markings, and removing the upper engine parts. Then I went searching the net for an undersea scape, found what I wanted. Took that photo along with the re-worked Icarus and a photo scene from the movie to PhotoShop, re-worked and combined everything to get a visual of what I want for the diorama.
Here it is.

More to come....

Hope you enjoy my rendition of the sinking of the Icarus.

Be well, and I'll keep in touch,

Here is Jan Rukr's original Icarus concept

Here is Lord Vahmp's modifications to Jan's original design.

And a photo diorama of the sinking scene as viewed above and below the water line.



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