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Stage 3-Final Booster Assembly System Technical Specifications

Diameter of Stage 3 section: 33 feet
Height of Stage 3 section: 82 feet
Weight of Stage 3 section  (fueled): 1,100,000 lbs (fully fueled)
Weight of Stage 3 section  (empty): 87,000 pounds (empty)
Reaction Engines Installed in Stage 3: One J8 modified to J8A specs
Chemical Propellants Used For Fueling:  Liquid Oxygen (348,000 gallons)
Liquid Hydrogen (284,000 gallons)
Combined Thrust Output: 1,500,000 lbs.
Thrust Duration: 210 seconds

-The third stage burns over two tons of fuel per second during the three and a quarter minutes of operation.  During this time, the Arrow IV will achieve a altitude of 108 nautical miles and a speed approaching 18,000 miles per hour.

The Third Stage is the final in the series of boosters designed to lift the "Icarus" from surface to well out of the atmosphere.   Once in vacuum, the Daedalus fusion pulse drive system, mounted in Stage Two, will take over and provide primary thrust potential to ease the rest of the vehicle into high Earth orbit and provide the motive power to carry the vehicle through and out of the solar system to any destination beyond.

Ten seconds after main engine burnout in Stage Three, explosive bolts separate this stage from the rest of the "Icarus".  Five seconds after successful separation, the Daedalus nuclear pulse drive will fire for the first time in manned space flight, accelerating Stage Two and the rest of the "Icarus" into High Earth Orbit (HEO) for the final trans-solar insertion maneuvering phase of the initial launch.


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