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The Sci-Fi Air Show, for those who have never visited their site, is a unique take on classic science fiction spacecraft designs, treating them as if they were real and part of an air show event dedicated to preserving these classic old designs for new generations to enjoy and see.  So far, classic spacecraft in the collection at the SFAS include the Spindrift (Land of the Giants), Orion space clipper (2001), Eagle-1 (Space: 1999), Hawk (Space: 1999), the Colonial Shuttle (old Battlestar Galactica), Colonial Viper (old Battlestar Galactica), the Flying Sub (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) and now the Icarus based "Liberty-2" (Beneath the Planet of the Apes).

More pictures and the story of this spacecraft can be found by clicking either of the images above or following this link.

If you like the design, drop them a line and tell them thanks for adding this classic spacecraft to their growing collection.


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