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45RPM Record and Storybook

One section taken from one page, and one entire page depicting the crash of the second ANSA spacecraft in the second movie.  You'll notice that this spacecraft is also a traditional capsule, not very big, and that it has, like some artists depict the "Icarus" as having, obviously non-functional engines.  I think this version of the Icarus has more in common with the escape pod from Star Wars than it does with the spacecraft in the original movie.

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Some interesting notes here on the cover.  You'll notice the design of the Alpha-Omega bomb.  Strange.  In the book, the bomb looks like a traditional bomb, with a warhead and tail fins, suspended by four cables above the floor.   Where this interpretation came from is anyone's guess.  The top looks like a court jester's hat.  You'll also notice in the right hand side that it is Brent who is pulling the arming lever activating the bomb, not Taylor.  Taylor is too busy grabbing Nova and running like hell.  You'll notice the arrow sticking out of Brent's back, an arrow fired by a Chimpanzee with a bow on the left side of the cover.  I guess we found out where Milo went (see next section).  The fact that the militant apes here are the otherwise docile Chimpanzee scientists is also left to artistic interpretation.  I don't remember Brent getting shot in the back with an arrow, and I don't remember any bows and arrows in the entire POTA series...

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