Dave Ballards "Narcicarus"

Model inspired by Tommy Wade's original artwork


Hey Chris,

Here I am, back from another deep space mission! :0)

Here's a few pix of a work in progress - Tom Wade's merging of The Icarus
and The Narcissus (The Icacissus?) Obviously I was inspired by Tom's
illustration - I had both the Skyhook Icarus and the Halcyon Narcissus up in
my loft and I was curious to see if it could be done... It can!

The 'real' thing comes out a little wider than in Tom's illustration but
with fore-knowledge that could be altered. I'm currently in the process of
adding decals and pondering whether or not to add landing struts and
'weather' it so it looks like it's been through re-entry (weathering can
hide a thousand scratch built sins :o) )

I apologize for the poor quality of the pix. When it's truly finished I'll
take some better ones and send them on. The only major change I made to the
Narcissus (apart from the obvious) was to remove the bottom two engines - I
felt just keeping the top two gives it a sleeker more 'sled-like'

I continue to enjoy the web-site and remain in awe of the vast amount of
talent on display there - truly inspiring stuff!

Keep up the outstanding work

Here is Tommy Wade's original artwork

wpe6.jpg (6671 bytes)

And here is what Dave has wrought from that artwork ...

wpeA1.jpg (5972 bytes)

Side view

wpeA4.jpg (7337 bytes)

You'll notice that Dave 'removed' the lower two
engines from the final model

wpeA5.jpg (7309 bytes)

Rear view

wpeA6.jpg (9848 bytes)

And as a tribute to Tommy Wade, Dave presents his final model
in the same 'pose' as Tommy presented his artwork.  Great work!

That's what I love about the Internet.   One man's idea is another man's passion.

Thanks to both Tommy and Dave for furthering the aspect of this fantastic spacecraft.



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