photo courtesy of Michael Walker

This is the main part of the two part Skyhook Models "Icarus" kit. 
Model painted and photo courtesy of Michael Walker

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I'm fairly sure that this is one of Michael Walker's models though I could find no information on the picture or who built the model.

This has to be what I would consider the 'first of the best' of the production based Icarus models.  The much better Skyhook Models "Icarus" model complete with decals and base.  It is a two piece kit, as pictured above, which includes the Icarus and a 'water' base as well as decals.   I've found a scale model raft with some pilots in it to add to the diorama (the reissue of the Revell / Monogram "Albatross" Coast Guard sea-plane kit).  Should be pretty smurfy when I get through with it, and the model seems to lend the ability to model the hatch as being blown out as well as still in place.  To show you how this excellent model can come out, look at this exact same model done by Michael Walker.  Here is another very impressive set of photos of one of Michael's "Icarus" models during construction.  The water waves are very impressive!  Michael and I agree that this kit is about 1/72 in scale, which means that it will work nicely with the re-issued AIRFIX 1/72 scale astronauts in an diorama, if you so choose.  This would be my first choice for a Icarus model.  It retails for around $40 plus shipping and fondling, this is $10 and some change more than what I paid for the resin abomination above and you'll have a much larger, much more detailed model that builds up very well.   Beside the somewhat cheap 'water' display base, the primary component of the Icarus kit is pictured above.  Note how 'incomplete' the ship is, it is not intended to be displayed in any other format than at this particular angle with the 'bulk' of the ship hidden under the water.  I have included this 'large' picture to show you some of the decals, details, and the finish that is capable of this model.  Modeling and photo courtesy of Michael Walker.



Michael Walker is another excellent model maker.  He has worked with the Skyhook Model's "Icarus" kit extensively, building many copies of this excellent kit.  While the model of the spacecraft is nearly flawless, the base that it comes with leaves a lot to be desired.  Michael simply discards this base in preference to one of his own custom built bases.  The 'submerged' aspect of the ship, a familiar one apparently among fans who think that there is just more to this ship than we see, is just paint!  Michael fans out the paint along the base in the shape of the ship and when he uses the clear acrylic to create the waves, the 'distorted image' looks like a submerged ship!  It's a very neat optical illusion and one that is masterfully pulled off!  Thanks again, Michael, for allowing me to share these images with other fans.

mvc-020f.jpg (71985 bytes)

One view of the prepared base, notice the 'submerged' paint scheme which isn't part
of the model at all, but rather a masterfully implemented optical illusion.

mvc-023f.jpg (54461 bytes)

Here is another view of the custom base from a different angle.   You don't get a base like this with the Skyhook Models
kit.  Michael builds his own custom.  This base is ready for the "Icarus" to be attached, and the final setting to be installed.

mvc-022f.jpg (47018 bytes)
Here is the first part of the two part Skyhook Models "Icarus" kit.   It is solid, one piece, and only requires painting.
Look at the detail!  This is Michael Walker's paint scheme for the ship, with the ship ready to be attached to his custom designed base.

mvc-027f.jpg (63320 bytes)

A shot of the model above, attached to the base above that.  Notice how the optical illusion is starting to work!

mvc-029f.jpg (77598 bytes)

A closeup view of the model, attached to the base.  Notice the white caps from the ship bobbing in the water.
That is attention to detail, folks!

mvc-027f.jpg (63320 bytes)

Two more view from two different angles of the finished model attached to the custom base.
The shadow makes a nice addition as well.

mvc-026f.jpg (63231 bytes)

In this photo and the one below, you can really get the effect of the optical illusion generated by a simple
application of white paint below the water surface.  How is that for 'simple but effective'?

mvc-030f.jpg (65970 bytes)

White frothy foam!  Just like in the movie!   Congratulations to Michael Walker!  This is a very nice
representation of a classic sci-fi spaceship that has been done right.

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