"I built this mesh in 1999, originally using a package called Caligari trueSpace. Since then I have migrated to using Discreet's 3D Studio Max 6 as my main 3D graphics package. This mesh was one of the first I converted to use with Max. The background for the orbital shot is actually a NASA image of a dust storm in Arabia taken from the space shuttle. The landscape for the Lake picture was generated using a package called Vistapro. The Icarus, raft and crewman were then matted into the image. I always meant to go back and redo this image to have the escape hatch open. I'll try and put together another couple of images of the Icarus. I'm quite tempted to model some of the alternative main bodies for this ship shown on your site. There are some great designs there."

Regards Mateen Greenway


Thank you, Mateen, for your talent and your effort in illustrating this spacecraft!  You may find more of Mateen's work and effort at his website.


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