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This is a more traditional comic book available for ... $0.25!, circa 1975.  The humorous fact of this adaptation is that it appeared 7 years after the original movie debuted.  Kind of like if Marvel had done the adaptation to Star Wars (1977) in 1984 or a full year after Jedi appeared in theaters...  Yeah, timely aren't they, and a bit late as by 1975, the POTA craze was dying down.  There were no more movies, and only a short lived cartoon series and an equally short lived TV series to carry the legacy into the '70's.  In 1977, Star Wars would arrive on the scene and suddenly, the only hairy talking apes that anyone was interested in would be George Lucas' Wookies... and speaking of George Lucas... read on.

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Senses shattering... get real.  I doubt if Marvel Comics has ever released anything that could be considered "senses shattering" and I've been reading their product for over 30 years now...

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Hahahahaha!  What clichés!  "Hard day's night", "Hitting the glass sack".
Someone was listening to the Beatles a little too much back then... And why does the
ship / Earth time chronometers look like they were made by Rolex or Timex?

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Huh?  What is that beneath the warning screen?   A "boom-box"?

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Do you think that someone reading the screen would get the idea that maybe the ship and crew just MIGHT be in DANGER?!  I think they need more screens flashing "DANGER"

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Look at the top right panel... isn't that George Lucas?!

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