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A short while ago, Jan Rukr became very interested in the POTA series, especially the spacecraft.  During my email chats with him, we discussed the ship that is seen in the second movie.  When Jan asked me about a tail lander model, I pointed him to the page that gave my preliminary sketch on the 'intact' tail lander and asked him if he wanted to build a model of it.   He said he was in the process already of building the wrecked ANSA spacecraft from the second movie.  I was eager to see this paper model, because, to the best of my knowledge, this is the FIRST physical representation of Brent and / or Skipper's ANSA spacecraft, as well as the FIRST representation of any wrecked spacecraft in paper model form, let alone any other form.

Jan asked me for a name for the ship, and what I thought it should be called.  I told him I had a few names set aside, and gave him those, all from Greek mythology, telling him to pick the name for this ship, as an honor, since he was going to model it.  Well, model it he has!   Here, for the first time ever, is an actual physical model of the wrecked ANSA spacecraft as seen in the second movie, "Beneath the Planet of the Apes".   Please welcome the newly christened "Damocles" as the tail-lander hybrid that we've wondered so much about.  Kudos again to Jan for providing this model for both review and download.

Who is "Damocles"?

    There once was a king whose name was Dionysius. He was so unjust and cruel that he won himself the name of tyrant. He knew that almost everybody hated him, and so he was always in dread lest some one should take his life.
    But he was very rich, and he lived in a fine palace where there were many beautiful and costly things, and he was waited upon by a host of servants who were always ready to do his bidding. One day a friend of his, whose name was Damocles, said to him -
    "How happy you must be! You have here everything that any man could wish."
    "Perhaps you would like to trade places with me," said the tyrant.
    "No, not that, O king!" said Damocles; "but I think that, if I could only have your riches and your pleasures for one day, I should not want any greater happiness."
    "Very well," said the tyrant. "You shall have them."
    And so, the next day, Damocles was led into the palace, and all the servants were bidden to treat him as their master. He sat down at a table in the banquet hall, and rich foods were placed before him. Nothing was wanting that could give him pleasure. There were costly wines, and beautiful flowers, and rare perfumes, and delightful music. He rested among soft cushions, and felt that he was the happiest man in all the world.
    Then he chanced to raise his eyes toward the ceiling. What was it that was dangling above him, with it's point almost touching his head? It was a sharp sword, and it was hung by only a single horsehair. What if the hair should break? There was danger every moment that it would do so.
    The smile faded from the lips of Damocles. His face became very pale. His hands trembled. He wanted no more food; he could drink no more wine; he took no more delight in the music. He longed to be out of the palace, and away, he cared not where.
    "What is the matter?" said the tyrant.
    "That sword! That sword!" cried Damocles. He was so badly frightened that he dared not move.
    "Yes," said Dionysius, "I know there is a sword above your head, and that it may fall at any moment. But why should that trouble you? I have a sword over my head all the time. I am every moment in dread lest something may cause me to lose my life."
    "Let me go," said Damocles. "I now see that I was mistaken, and that the rich and powerful are not so happy as they seem. Let me go back to my old home in the poor little cottage among the mountains."
    And so long as he lived, he never again wanted to be rich, or to change places with the king.

These are the preliminary modeling shots.  Jan is going to add more detail, and of course, the final model, once downloaded, can be detailed out pretty extensively with small 'to scale' fire extinguishers, additional pieces of wreckage from your spares box, etc.  Don't forget the two figures and the scorched earth patch.

P9180533.JPG (44993 bytes)

Preliminary model

P9180536.JPG (41775 bytes)

Frontal view of preliminary model

P9180539.JPG (46423 bytes)

Close-up of Brent and / or Skipper's ANSA Spacecraft, notice the hatch is open.

P9180541.JPG (40925 bytes)

Preliminary detail and modeling of the aft 'booster / descent' stage.

Jan's concept art for the Damocles can be found here...



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