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Finally we have the pics for the site!

This DVD case was purchased at the San Diego ComiCon back in July for $20.00 from a Japanese vendor who had the DVD's for the POTA TV series, but for some reason didn't want the case. It was something I couldn't pass up. I had been out of the Icarus / POTA stuff since 1999, and this brought me back into the fold. This was available only in Japan with the DVD's from the TV series. The price was an outrageous $400 for this stuff, and there was a recent posting on ebay that had someone put a set up for the same price. It's not worth the price just to get the case, but I got lucky on this one. A father and son were looking at the case on the first day of the show and were hedging about whether or not to buy it and would come back later. I didn't have any cash left and wasn't going to charge it, so I went over and checked it out, and told the guy I'd be back the following day to get it if it was still there, and it was, and the rest is history! As you know, I'm a collector of anything that's related to these ships, from replicas to action figures to photos, etc. You know the story!

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The DVD case came with a small stand (with the ANSA emblem) which the nose rests on when the DVD case is being displayed. 
The button on the gold nosecone is the mechanical switch that flips the case open to allow access to the DVDs stored inside.



While it isn't really a "scale model" of the Icarus, it is a scale representation so I put it here rather than artwork (though I guess you could argue it either way).  Thank you, Roger, for sharing this rare item with the rest of the fans of this spacecraft. -CTS


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