Hi there!

I am a British fan/collector of Planet of the apes and have many original props/costumes from the series - I recently had my Icarus model built and painted by one of the uks top modellers to the sum of $600 in total.

The ship is encased for prosperity and looks fantastic you have to see it for real to take in all the details including the re-entry burns etc.

Enjoy the pictures and please feel free to use them on your great site!

Best wishes.

Les Hemstock

ICARUS 1.jpg (21614 bytes)

The model on its original MIM base, sealed in the protective display.

ICARUS 2.jpg (38866 bytes)

With the case removed and closeup of the detail inherent in this 1/35th scale model kit.

ICARUS 3.jpg (22678 bytes)

ICARUS 4.jpg (39395 bytes)

ICARUS 5.jpg (19873 bytes)

Detail of the rear bulkhead and hatch

ICARUS 6.jpg (12061 bytes)

Closeup of cockpit windows and interior

ICARUS 7.jpg (12441 bytes)

Closeup of cockpit interior with Taylor's recording station / position in view.

ICARUS 8.jpg (8208 bytes)

Closeup of cockpit interior with the forward escape hatch shown.

ICARUS 9.jpg (20803 bytes)

Closeup of top surface detail and the mysterious panel that explodes outwards from the ship
when Dodge blows the escape hatch.




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