Artwork contributed by Zach Stevens

Zach submits another view of Skipper's ANSA rescue spacecraft, strangely referred to in this format as a "small reconnaissance spacecraft".  Could this be proof that ANSA is the military branch of the space program?

escapeart1.jpg (270116 bytes)

You'll notice the completely non-functional engines, the exhaust nozzles located right near the hatch that Brent exits from... you can even see some of the engine or interior mechanical equipment behind him.

escapeart2.jpg (250035 bytes)

Here is more evidence of the Hasslein Curve being a barely understood anomaly. The fact that the great amount of objective time traversed by the astronauts is not part of the intended flight plan is also more than evident by Skipper's reaction.

escapeart3.jpg (263900 bytes)

Again, Skipper's reaction to their being in the year 3955 is clear evidence that the time warp
is not part of the flight plan nor the technology being used for space flight.


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