Dave Barkovitz's
ANSA Flight Suit


Long time fans of this site will remember Dave Barkovitz from his "full" Icarus vehicle submission a while back.  Now, Dave has returned with his own custom order reproduction of the ANSA flight suit.  Dave told me that he sent me these pictures some time before but I don't remember receiving them or I surely would have posted them.  Dave and I reconnected online and he was gracious enough to send me the original pictures again.  Sorry for the delay, Dave.  Here are the pics of your flight suit ... better late than never.






Hey Chris,

Here are some pics of my ANSA flightsuit (some Photoshop fun too).  I had it custom made by Indy Magnoli to be as accurate as possible.


The boots are Everlast boxing shoes with add-on leather parts.  The only thing that is a bit off is there is no zipper added to the front of the boots as my shoe-man couldn't do one that long, (over 12")I hope to someday get it completed with zipper.  The patch was provided by a friend to all Ape-a-nauts, Larry Young.  The flag emblem is a silk desk flag the same size as the original.

All can be found on EvilBay.
Hope you get these this time. LOL


Col. Dave Barkovitz




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