CRACKED Magazine Icarus Artwork

Submitted by Mark Longmire

Yo yo ma!

I was cleaning out a closet and came across an old issue of Cracked magazine from March 1975 that contained the two attached images. It's the first two pages from a parody of the Planet of the Apes TV series and it shows the Icarus in a few panels. I thought you could use it somewhere on your site.

Your brother in love and peace,

- Mark

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Thanks for the memories, brother.  I find it hilarious that Virdon claims that all they need to get the ship fixed and back to Earth is "27 different types of tools, three tons of rare metals, the knowledge of seven top rocket designers and blueprints."  This is the exact kind of logic that goes counter to the idea that the apes somehow repaired Taylor's ship and launched it again.



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