Bill Early here. I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for the wonderful site. It has been a big help with some of my modeling projects.

I'm attaching a photo of an Icarus that I recently finished. It was a test shot for a larger version that I am in the process of working on now. This smaller one is 24 inches long and scales out to about 1/22nd scale. I will be sending it off to a friend of mine shortly, and he is going to try and pull a set of molds off of it.

The larger one is loosely based on Jan Rukr's design with the entire aft section on it. It will be right at 48 inches long. The scale will be the same, and the capsule the same size, just with the addition of the aft section.

I have some more shots of this one, if you're interested. I could also write up a short article describing the building procedure. Just let me know what would work for you and I'll come up with something.




I'll post Bill's info here when he sends it to me.  Stay tuned for further information on this incredible model.  -Ansanaut



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