I picked the wrong week to buy a new motorcycle.  For three weeks after I bought the bike, it was nothing but rain and thunderstorms.  I was lucky to be able to put the 600 initial miles on the bike during that time (less than a week) to get her back to the dealer for her first service.

Bah.  Thunderstorms.  Rain is one thing, but when the sky looks like this:

That old DOORS song "Riders on the Storm" comes to mind.  The picture doesn't do the clouds justice, what you are looking at is basically a tunnel of clear weather right down the middle.  This is Highway 98, which I commute every day on over 70 miles round trip.  The tunnel in the middle is the only good weather.  Thunder and lightning are on each side of me and that patch of clear sky is rapidly closing up.  The highway curves ahead to the left, and by the time I got within 5 miles of my home, I was in the real dark stuff there on the left.  The sun basically vanished from sight, it went from the equivalent of 4:30pm in the afternoon to 8:00pm at night.

The brand new 2004 CBR600RR, about to get its first bath the hard way.  That's my HJC-14 "Smoke" helmet, one of the most beautiful designs I have ever seen in a helmet and a pattern which complements the colors of the bike.

The size of the bike is deceptive.  Here it looks very small but the fact is that if it was one inch taller, my feet wouldn't be flat on the ground. 
The bike looks very small in this picture, but it isn't small in real life.  It's a trick of the viewing angle.

Gear profile.  I don't know why the bike looks so small.  I'm 5' 12" and if the saddle was one inch taller, I wouldn't be able to put my feet flat on the pavement.  It does look small in this picture but when I ride it, the bike sure doesn't feel small.