The original sales ad from way back in 1985 with the two tone black and gold color scheme that I fell in love with.  I had always wanted a black and gold 1985 to 1986 Trans Am (a childhood friend had a brand new 1985 like the one pictured above but it was a LG4, auto and non-WS6 car with a regular (non-Recaro) tan cloth interior and T-tops).  I remember that particular TA fondly.  Ten days after I bought the 1986 Trans Am, I reviewed the RPO codes and discovered, amazingly, that my TA was not originally a monochromatic paint scheme but (surprise!) a black and gold two tone TA.  My TA has had the lower ground effects repainted at some point in the last 20 years (and lost the original 16 x 8 wheels as well).  A full restoration will restore the correct Norwood paint scheme to this car as well as the original wheels and tire size.