1986 Trans Am advertisement featuring Butch Leal's NHRA Firebird Trans Am.  Sports stars and celebrities who were sponsored by motor companies often had to give a certain amount of face-time back to their sponsors in order to promote their sponsor's products.  GM was no exception when it came to its individual divisions as seen here.  Later years would add Richard Petty, a famous NASCAR driver, to the Trans Am "driving to work" lineup.  If the TA pictured above was a 5 speed optioned TA, then the motor was either a 5.0 liter LG4 or a 5.0 liter L69 as the 5 speed could not be ordered with the top of the line LB9 Tuned Port Injected 5.0 liter engine.  The L69 was also in very short supply due to a fuel boiling problem (a side effect of Pontiac completely closing off the front end of the Firebird Trans Am in its quest for superior aerodynamics).  Only 26 L69 5.0 liter H.O. High Output powered TAs were produced in 1986 making them quite rare.



Another WS6 optioned red hard roofed Trans Am plays leading role in the "highly movable feast" advertisement from 1986.  This may be a different TA than the one pictured in the Butch Leal ad above as this TA sports a silver / red "square-dot-fade" tape stripe above the ground effects while the first TA pictured above in the Butch Leal ad does not.  1986 was the "year of red" for Pontiac as all of their major cars portrayed in their ads and supporting literature were bright red in color.  Again pictured is another LG4 or L69 car since it, again, quotes a 5 speed manual transmission (which was simply not available with the LB9 TPI engine in 1986).